a new dimension of rooflights

Lighter | Flatter | More Innovative

The roofSTAR combines a new, innovative design with simultaneous weight savings.

Due to the extremely flat design, the aerodynamics are considerably improved and wind resistance as well as noise development
are strongly reduced!

for highest demands

The ultra-light roofSTAR rooflights have been
developed by us to meet your highest demands

roofSTAR-4 in 400×400 mm
roofSTAR-7 in 700×500 mm

World premier:
  • Extremely flat: Aerodynamically shaped glazing-dome, which results in great height reduction by almost 50% to just 72 mm and reduce significantly the noise level.
  • Particularly light: The weight of the roofSTAR-7 in particular has been reduced by up to 2.3 kg.
  • Unique: For the first time, with our roofSTAR-4, a motorized version is available for the 400 x 400 mm dimension.
  • Intelligent design: The motorized version is operated for both models via a switch, which is directly integrated in the frame. Alternatively, the switch can be placed at any position in the vehicle.
  • With lighting: For both models roofSTAR-4 and roofSTAR-7 we offer
    homogenous, high-quality LED lighting.
  • Very stable: Both models are made of proven UV-resistant material and ASA- and PMMA-material.
  • Thoughtful: For the first time, the motorized version comes with an optional permanent integrated fly screen!
  • Effective darkening: Both roofSTAR models have an integrated roller blind system, which offers effective darkening and guarantees easy handling.
  • Easy installation: Generously dimensioned sealing channel to accommodate the sealant and thus prevent water ingress problems. 8 fastening brackets allow installation in a roof thickness of 25-45 mm.
  • Flexible: The roofSTAR-4 and roofSTAR-7 can be easily retro-fitted and each can be supplied with or without forced ventilation.
  • User-friendly: The inner frame of the roofSTAR can be easily removed
    and re-attached for a quick cleaning.
  • Water management: An effective water drainage system in combination with a rubber profile attached to the glazing dome gives a high security level.
  • Spoiler effect:The same applies to the standard rubber sealing lip on the hinge side, which effectively minimizes noise („spoiler effect“).


Always keeping an eye on the market

About us:

Three experts in the industry have come together to develop the new roofSTAR: Matthias Fischer, Michael Gregorcic and Roland Brunner bring extensive expertise on the materials and production side and combine this with many years of experience in sales. We are sure: This new rooflight will set the market for recreational vehicles in motion!

Many years of experience

Our passion

With over 25 years of sales experience in the industry, we are experts in intelligent product solutions for caravans and motorhomes. Based on years of experience in the recreational vehicle industry, we only offer products that are designed to meet the needs of the industry. In close cooperation with our customers and suppliers, we are constantly developing these further. Our products are mainly used in motorhomes and caravans, but can also be used in container and boat construction.

Tailored to customer needs

Our drive

To optimize existing products and to make the entire product life-cycle more efficient and sustainable, from the purchase of materials to the production and distribution of the products.

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